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101 on space cleansing!

Updated: May 2, 2020

There are many myths and methodologies around space cleansing and clearing.

I find it fascinating just how popularised the use of sage has become, with such little inner-standing and respect of how this incredible ancient herb works for people and their surroundings.

Sage smudging, cleansing is akin to fire. Best visual/metaphor I can give on this is, imagine a forest on fire... there is nothing left only a total new landscape, for new growth which always proceeds. Sage does exactly the same energetically. Which is why I recommend it only for total resets within one’s energy field, home, business, school, or beginning or end new chapters in your life...

Sages counterpart on the other hand Paolo Santo offers an entirely unique method of cleansing. Paolo Santo strengthens your centre, expands and disperses unwanted energies whilst expending all core strength frequencies of aspects of person and environment.

Highly recommended using after sage reset, and in your regular cleanse routine and especially during long term projects through various stages.

Finally, after you have done cleansing with one, other and or both, the best anchor for new frequencies of energy, assisting to maintaining the new virtuous vitality is Selenite.

Selenite is an extremely powerful, encouraging flow of new energies depending on the shape, direction and intention.


Flow motion is connection and permeation of never-ending light energy.

Atlantan tower:

Flow motion is spiralling up and down.


Flow motion is expending towards universe and then bringing it back to earth through crown chakra (crown chakra could be a place or a person).

Selenite’s high energy would provide a channel of light for protective, nurturing and supportive spirit/spirits of light, to find easier access to the area and space where placed. So highly recommended!!


Sage great for:

  • Resetting.

  • Total cleansing.

  • Entities cleansing.

Paolo Santo sacred wood in direct translation great for:

  • Regular cleansing.

  • Strengthening of your aura and field of the area where cleansing has been done in.

  • Great for “setting” strength of the stages in layers of multi layered projects or stages in life.


  • Anchor of the clean “white light” energy in the space.

  • Portal of support to spirits of light trying to get through and assist you, your home and or your family.

  • Shape determining how the energy would radiate and what it would do.

Edited by: Roweena Curtis

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