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*Vibrate high!*

Updated: May 27, 2020

Here is a scientific point of view about *Virus and Vibrations* (from Régis Grouard - Quantum Médicine) (translated from french), Régis Grouard pro - Quantum Medicine.

Here is a very interesting article which shows the urgency of increasing your vibrations.


CORONA-VIRUS, like any other virus, is a low-vibration entity with a closed structure of the electromagnetic circuit, with a resonant frequency of about 5.5 Hz to 14.5 Hz. In higher ranges, this is not active and, from ranges 25.5 Hz and above, the virus dies. For a person living in high vibrations, it is no more dangerous than acute respiratory infections. The human body whose mind & soul is "healthy" vibrates in higher ranges.

Unfortunately, a lot of people live in lower vibrations. The reasons can come from various reasons e.g. ego, fatigue, emotional exhaustion, hypothermia, chronic diseases, fear, blocked emotions, nervous tension, etc.

The virus in nature, outside the body, is not resistant since the total average frequency resonance of the Earth is today about 27.4 Hz, but there are places where this frequency is lowered, i.e. areas created artificially (hospitals, prisons, power lines, metro, public electric vehicles, shopping centers, offices, etc.) where the vibrations are less than 20 Hz.

For all those who are in the ego, power and therefore fear, are in a low vibration, this virus can be more impacting and therefore dangerous.

Example of vibration rate:

• grief gives vibrations from 0.1 to 2 Hz

• fear of 0.2 to 2.2 Hz

• resentment from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz

• irritation from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz

• disturbance from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz

• hot temperament 0.9 Hz

• 0.5 Hz fury flash

• 1.4 Hz anger

• pride 0.8 Hz

• pride (megalomania) 3.1 Hz

• 1.5 Hz neglect

• feeling of superiority 1,9 Hz

• generosity 95 Hz

• thanks 45 Hz

• deep gratitude from 140 Hz and above

• feeling of unity and communion 144 Hz and more

• compassion from 150 Hz and above (and pity is only 3 Hz)

• love (Eros: person who understands that love is a good light sensation and a great force, but has not yet learned to love with his heart) vibration 50 Hz

• Love all the living beings (Philae: that a person generates with all his heart to all living beings without exception from 150 Hz and more

• Unconditional universal love (Agape: from 205 Hz and up).

For millennia, the frequency of vibrations (that is, vibrations per second) of our planet was 7.6 Hz. Physicists call it Schumann resonance. Scientists often checked their instruments with it. A man felt comfortable in these conditions, because the vibration frequency of his energy field had the same parameters from 7.6 to 7.8 Hz. However, the Schumann resonance has recently started to increase strongly:

January 1995: 7.80 Hz

January 2000: 9.30 Hz

January 2007: 9.80 Hz

January 2012: 11.10 Hz

January 2013: 13.74 Hz

January 2014: 14.86 Hz

February 2014: 14.99 Hz

March 2014: 15.07 Hz

April 2014: 15.15 Hz

Even if we consider the situation from the point of view of science, it is clear that *a person who does not increase his vibrations will soon leave the earth plane in one way or another,* and neither the elevated positions nor the accumulated capital will help him/her. You can increase your vibrations by working on yourself; only those who will do emotional work and raise their vibrations will survive.

P.S. All the negative emotions close access to a clear conscience. For them the  advice is to vibrate high, vibrate love, be in love, be in joy, heal your wounds, quickly get rid of your fears, your anger and free yourself from those emotions which lower your vibration. "

Be safe! Be healthy! Raise your vibration by pranayam, yoga, meditation, generosity, gratefulness, detachment, forgiveness happiness.

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